International Conference and Exhibition on The Indonesian Medical Education Research Institute (ICE on IMERI) is a yearly conference presented by The Indonesian Medical Education Research Institute (IMERI) Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia.  The ICE on IMERI has been held since the inauguration of IMERI Tower in 2017.  The ICE on IMERI is held at the beginning of November. 
This conference brings miscellaneous themes related to general medicine. All conference participants are invited to submit their full articles. All selected articles are peer-reviewed and managed before being published as an open-access digital proceeding book. 
This proceeding book contains articles that have been previously evaluated by the editorial team to select the best articles based on novelty, substance, and interest. The selected articles in this proceeding book contained various case studies, reviews, and original articles that provided a new outlook on primary health care.
This proceeding book also provides readers with fresh insights and evidence about healthcare.